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Available: Precious Gemstones

DME CRs issued for Natural Uncut Raw Rough Diamonds including diamond crystals, diamond octohedrons, diamond dodecahedrons, diamond cubes, diamond beads, diamond powder and other unique diamond rough shapes and colors. Also you MDME CRs issued for polished diamonds, gemstones, minerals & diamond jewelry


19 carats (5 pieces) Natural Red Blood Pigeon Colour Ruby


 14.85 Carats ( 5 pieces ) Natural Blue Saphire





42 Carats (14 pieces ) Natural Rough Fancy pink-purple Diamonds


337.05 Carats Rough Diamonds: boart



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Country of origine:

SADC - Republic Democratic of Congo (DRC)


Company name:

DME Gold & Minerals Trading Exchange (DGME) - DME CR


Contact person:

J.C. Mbungu


Contact phone:

+255 746 723 195/ + 255 787697554/   + 243 810070289/   + 27 768564810/     + 260 97631714/     + 971 50 7352699

Fax number:


Fax (eFax): 1-419-593-6889


Contact e-mail:

icdialogue@yahoo.fr  or info@dmexchange.safewebshop.com


More info:

For price details, Proof of Product (POP) and Export documentation details, click here




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