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DMExchange sprl (DME) and Two Drums G&C Company Ltd have entered onto a Joint Venture Agreement (JV DME) to become an acknowledged leader in the global mining industry in Africa. From their head office in Mbeya, Tanzania, the JV DME manages various mining companies active around DRCongo (Kilwa, Dikulushi, Luena, Kapamayi, Malemba Nkulu, Mulongo, Kamina, Muena Ditu and Mayi-munene mines’ resources) and Tanzania  (Makatagombe, Mobangala, Patamela, Chunya, Kalungu , and Mukola (mzee mines’ resources) in all phases of mineral exploration and development.

Behind every JV DME managed mines is a multi-disciplinary team of mining professionals, with an exceptional breadth and calibre of expertise.

The JV DME team is composed of industry leaders in the fields of geoscience, engineering, the environmental sciences, finance and investment, property acquisition, regulatory and government affairs, and community development. Leading-edge technology, management tools and information support our people.The exceptional human and capital resources that support every JV DME-managed company have allowed us to outperform competitors in a number of important ways.

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