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Quantity of ME CRs Issued

Minerals, Metals & Gemstones Products

DME Gold & Minerals Trading Exchange (DGME)
Description of Commodiy                                              Monthly Production  


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Iron Ore concentrate  +66% Fe                                                                  900 Mts per Month       
Cobalt Ore concentrate +20% Co                                                            400 Mts per Month      
Copper Ore concentrate +36% Cu                                                          600 Mts per Month        
Lead ore Pb 60%min                                                                                 500 Mts each month      
Zinc ore Zn 48%min                                                                                    500 Mts each month         
Titanium ore TiO2: 54%min                                                                     200 Mts each month      
Tantalum Ore +16% Ta205                                                                    + 50 Mts per Month                 
Thin ore Sn 90%min                                                                                    150 Mts each month              
Ferro manganese FeMn: 70-75%                                                           50 Mts per month        
Ferro manganese

 ore high Carbon Mn: 73% Min., c: 6-8%                                                           300 Mts per month      

Alumina Bauxite ores SiO2: 20.98%,

 Fe2O3 : 24.63% , Al2 O3 : 54.31%                                                                    250 Mts per month

Calcinied alumina ores

calcinied Alumina from90 to 98% Al2 O3                                                            500 Mts per month

Zinc ore & concentrate Zn 48%min                                                                 200 Mts each month      
Silicon ore Si:47.0% -52%max                                                                         400 Mts per month        

Bafordite ores mineral Fe+++Mo206(OH)3(H2O): 46.49%Mo

Ferrimolybdite ores mineral Fe+++2(MoO4)3 8(H2o): 40.16%Mo

Melkovite ores mineral CaFe+++H6(MoO4)4(PO4).6(H2O): 40.88%Mo

Obradovicite ores mineral H4(K.Na)Cu++Fe+++2(AsO4)(MoO4)

5.12(H2O): 38.16%Mo

Lindgrenite ores mineral Cu3(MoO4)2(OH)2: 35.24%Mo

Betpakdalite ores mineral [Mg(H2O)6]Ca2(H2O)13

[Mo++++++8As+++++2Fe+++3O36(.4(H2O): 34.94%Mo

Sodium-etpakdalite ores mineral  (Na,Ca)3Fe+++2

(As2Mo6O28).15(H2O): 35.07%Mo

Wulfenite ores mineral PbMoO4: 26.13%Mo

Szenicsite ores mineral Cu3bMoO4(OH)4: 22.92%Mo

Blehlite ores mineral (Sb,As)2MoO6: 22.52%Mo

Vergasovaite ores mineral Cu3O[(Mo,S)O4][SO4]: 17.30%Mo

Tarkianite ores mineral (Cu,Fe)(Re,Mo)4S8: 12.09%Mo

Hemusite ores mineral Cu6SnMoS8: 11.25%Mo

Molybdofornacite ores mineral Pb2Cu[(As,P)O4]

[(Mo,Cr)O4](OH): 9.71%Mo

Malkainite ores mineral Cu2O(Fe,Cu)6Mo2Ge6S32: 5.18%Mo

Parkinsonite ores mineral (Pb,Mo,[])8O8CI2: 2.83%Mo

Ovamboite ores mineral Cu20(Fe,Cu,Zn)6W2Ge6S32: 1.00%Mo

                                                                                                 400 Mts each month

Antimony, Stibnite ores mineral (Sb2S3                                      400 Mts each month      
Chromite ores mineral Cr                                                               400 Mts each month      
Gold Auriferous pyrite FeS2: ore mineral of gold Fe: >56%min

 S2:30%max Au:6.2%min                                                                       400 Mts each month

Platinum Auriferous pyrite FeS2: ore mineral of gold Fe: >56%min

 S2:30%max Pt: 1.7%max                                                                      400 Mts each month

Palladium Fe: >56%min S2:30%max Pd:2.9min                               400 Mts each month        
Rhodium Fe: >56%min S2:30%max Rh: 4.6%min                             400 Mts each month        
Silver Fe: >56%min S2:30%max Ag:1.5%min                                     400 Mts each month           
Gemstone Diamond Carbon:  C                                  > 160,000 Carats each month      
Aquamarine Beryllium aluminum silicate, sometimes with some sodium,

 lithium, and cesium  Be3Al2SiO6                                        > 40,000 Carats of each/ month

Colored Gemstone X3 Y2 Si3 O12  

Garnets gems produced:

                                      Pyrope: Mg3 Al2 Si3 O12

                                     Almandine: Fe3 Al2 Si3 O12

                                     Chrysoberyl: Be 3 Al2 O12

                                     Spessartine: Mn3 Al2 Si3 O12

                                       Grossular: Ca3 Al2 Si3 O12  

                                       Andradite: Ca3 Fe3+ 2 Si3 O12  

                                       Uvarovite: Ca3 Cr2 Si3 O12

We produce white colorless and colored Quartz crystal,

Tanzanite, Ruby and Sapphire (Corundum), Opal, Tourmaline,

Topaz, Alexandrite, Amethyst, Scapolite, Melarni, Helidore,

Rhodolite Garnet, Citrine and Aquamarine gemstones.

                                                                                              > 40,000 Carats of each/ month 

Corundum gems

                                       Ruby: Al2O3 Aluminum oxide. Refers to Red variety of Corundum

                                       Sapphire: l2O3 Aluminum. oxide. Refers to Blue variety of Corundum

                                                                                              > 40,000 Carats of each/ month


Amethyst SiO2   Silicon dioxide                                            > 40,000 Carats of each/ month        
Citrine SiO2   Silicon dioxide                                                    > 40,000 Carats of each/ month                      
Tanzanite                                                                              > 40,000 Carats of each/ month         
Total monthly production and distribution of base metals,

heavy minerals, copper and cobalt materials:

Total monthly production and distribution of Precious Metals ores:      

Total monthly production and distribution of Diamonds, Gemstones:


Total Value of DME CRs per unit on Hand(SOH):      
Total Value of DME CRs:      

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