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Our Activities 

  • Mining

  • DMExchange sprl is  your partner in the supply of Minerals Ores, Precious Metals, Rough Diamonds, Precious and Semi-precious Stones through out the world. Our mining exploitations and distributions of the above is centred around the Northern Katanga and Kasai Mining Areas in DRCongo; Makatagombe, Mobangala, Patamela, Chunya, Kalungu, and Mukola mines’ resources Areas in Tazania. Focused around fifteen (15) key commodities: Gold metal, Au (Gold); Platinum, Silver and Nickel Ores (accounting for about (51% of production); Copper, Cobalt, Zinc, Thin, Tantalite, Molybdenum, Antimony, Aluminum and Lead Ores (accounting for about 21% of production) and, the newest, growing contributor Diamonds and Precious Stones (28%).

  • DME Gold & Minerals Trading Exchange (DGME)

           The launch of DME Gold & Minerals Trading Exchange (DGME), DME's new Trading Exchange system  provides market participants with all fifteen (15) key commodities  products they need to hedge price exposure, arbitrage against other international markets or deliver or source product from an efficient and transparent market geographically perfectly placed on the earth of the African continent.– a standard Gold & Minarls Commodity Receipt system which ensures that the quality of gold and  minerals commodities meet high international standards.

Role of DGME

DGME is the regulator and supervisor of the of the DME CR system. Market participants can benefit from DGME's role as regulator and supervisor of the system as a whole. The DME CR RULES define the responsibilities and obligations of the participant members, as well as the operational procedures.

DGME has designed certain risk management procedures into the DME CR System to secure the transactions and to protect the interests of all the participants, namely:

Membership in DME CR system is an annual commitment and DGME scrutinises the credentials of all applicants and members on an ongoing basis so that no member introduces unacceptable risk to the system and its participants
DGME is appointed by originators, security beneficiaries and transferees as agent to act on their behalf to hold, release and endorse DME CRs
“Original” DME CRs will be printed and retained in DGME’s custody
Warehouses are not permitted to release goods unless the DME CR is free of any lien or endorsement
DGME maintains an audit trail on all System activity

DGME Commodity Receipts (DME CR)

DME CR Features

DME CR is regulated by DGME, originators, security beneficiaries and transferees authority
DME CR is governed by the DME CR RULES formulated and administered by the DGME, originators, security beneficiaries and transferees authority  
Only DME CR system members are allowed to participate. All members are signatories to the DME CR RULES
Completely electronic in nature: Request for DME CR issuance, Issuance, request for finance, endorsement, pledge, request for release of lien and release of lien can be done electronically over the secure platform operated by DGME, originators, security beneficiaries and transferees authority
DME CR represents the ownership of the underlying commodity
A DME CR can be issued for any commodity that can be stored in an approved warehouse
DME CR can be pledged to banks and financiers as a collateral to obtain finance
DME CR can be transferred, thereby changing the ownership of the commodity from one person to another
DME CR membership is open to entities from any where in the world; need not be an institution, a company or government agency to participate




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