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DMExchange SPRL and Two Drums G&C Company Ltd have been able to move forward through out years of businesses despite sometimes harsh conditions and structural changes within this trade. The two companies have surmounted earlier pains of growing and have demonstrated that, whilst some fundamental business survival and growth issues will always prevail, the single most noteworthy constant is that the two companies will always starve to move forward with pragmatism at the same time understanding the needs for forward thinking in joining our resources to achieve our visionary common goals.

There has been limited exploration and development of our targeted minerals resources and other mines since the 1990s, but the demand for base metals continues to be strong. Although Tanzania and DRCongo's mining code has recently been implemented to international standards, many exploration companies shy away from acquiring exploration concessions because of the high tax regime and the bureaucracy involved in acquiring these permits.

However at DMExchange sprl and Two Drums G&C Company Ltd we believe that the long-term economic future of sub-Saharan Africa lies in developing a sustainable mining resources industry. Structural and Private International capitals, managerial and technological know-how investments in our Joint Venture will bring in long-term economic activity to support infrastructure such as roads, railways, new infrastructures and power as well as improve the living conditions of our local people in the regions.




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