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  • Refining of Au Ores Minerals and Distribution of Refined Gold

    DMExchange sprl and Associates are evolving into refining and distribution of precious metals by working along with specialized and technological advanced refineries in South Africa, Dubai USA, Europe and Asia.

    DMExchange sprl's Associated Refineries offer state-of-the-art refining techniques that serve our customers efficiently and expediently. We offer you the best return on your refining. Feel confident that what you turn in to DMExchange sprl will be recovered. Each lot, regardless of size, receives the same careful attention. Because we work with both refiners and a manufacturers, refining charges are minimized. DMExchange sprl can return the value of your refined material as you choose: by purchase, product, or as a credit to your vault account.

    Get even more with Product Exchange. When your settlement is returned as product you get even more for your dollar.

    A vault account can be compared to a bank, you may have your settlement placed in ounces into the account and draw from it when you need it or wait until a more favorable market price to sell.

    DMExchange sprl will accept mixed material, however, we recommend separating your scrap. We feel it is in your best financial interest to always have a current and accurate accounting of your materials. We use the following categories for refining:

    DME Express - only primary metal is payable

    • DME Gold Express
    • DME Silver Express
    • DME Platinum Express
    • DME Palladium Express

    DME Polishing - single or multiple metal

    • DME  Gold Polishings
    • DME  Silver Polishings

    DME Gold

    • Low Grade Gold
    • Gold Multi-Metal / Single-Metal - for gold alloys containing other precious metals and/or do not qualify for DHF express.

    DME Silver

    • Silver Multi-Metal / Single-Metal - for Silver alloys containing other precious metals and/or do not qualify for DME  express.


    • Platinum Multi-Metal / Single-Metal - for Platinum Group alloys containing other precious metals and/or do not qualify for DME express.

    For a refining schedule or quote, please contact us at: icdialogue@yahoo.fr or info@dmexchange.safewebshop.com.




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